Alarm System

CQDT 9 Zone (Voice) Alarm System


Key Features

  • CQDT 9 zone alarm system
  • Voice feedbacks to users whenever the system call out or received authorized call.
  • Voice feedback: Status of zone, status of system data power, arm status, battery & etc), status of siren status of home automation (light, air-   cond, etc )
  • Can be linked up to 4 keypads
  • Auto arm/ disarm timers
  • Telephony cut monitored
  • CMS reporting (Contact ID) / personal reporting
  • Optional upgrades to 8 smart home automation points for lighting, air-conditional and home appliances


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AX1 AVANTOUCH 32+1 Zones Control Panel Package


Key Features:

  •  Central Control Box (High Graded Fire-Proof ABS Box with free slots for expander/module boards)
  •  Back up Battery ( 7AH )
  • Power Switching Adapter
  • Main Panel (Security;32 zones + 1 tamper zone with 32 Automation points*)
  •  Surge Protector
  • Tamper Switch
  • User & Installer Manuals, Warranty Card, 2.2K Ohm Resistors (10pcs)
    *with expander boards


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Avantouch Keypad


Key Features:

  • Support up to max 8 keypads in BUS Topology;
  •  4 Inch LCD Keypad display with [2x16] Alphanumeric characters;
  •  Selectable Blue or Amber Backlit Keys;
  •  A touch sensitive polycarbonate plate;
  •  Integrated Speaker (Enable/Disable);
  •  It has a slider feature to increase/decrease the volume of speaker;
  •  12 Numeric buttons (0 – 9, * , #) corresponding to a standard telephone keypad and 4 directional navigation keys for menu controls with extra slider function;
  •  An internal buzzer to provide chime to alert user of system violation;
  •  15 Fast keys for easy menu access.